International Students FAQ

Q: How do I get a Student Visa?
You should refer to the the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website ( for further information on how to get a student visa. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our representatives in your home country for more advice.

Q: Can I work in Australia on a student visa?
Yes. Students can work a maximum of twenty hours per week during their course and unlimited hours during official course holidays. Please refer to for more information.

Q: Can I study with Menzies if I don’t have an IELTS score?
Yes. You can enrol in Menzies English Courses without an IELTS score. However, Menzies Technical courses have an IELTS entry requirement, which must be met to gain entry and also to obtain a student visa. If you do not have a current IELTS score you may still qualify if you have an equivalent English language score. You can also enrol  Menzies English Courses to gain the required English language level for entry.

Q: Can I pay my tuition fees in instalments?
Menzies offers all students a number of payment options depending on their chosen course. Please refer to the Fees Information section of each course.

Q: How much deposit is needed to obtain a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for an application submitted onshore or offshore?
All Menzies English Language tuition fees must be paid in full in advance (onshore and offshore). The deposit for studying Menzies Technical courses is outlined in the Letter of Offer. Please refer to the Fees section of each course and Future Students for enrolment requirements.

Q: What is the refund policy if I choose not to study or my visa application is refused?
Please refer to the Refund Policy.

Q: Can I study at Menzies if I am under 18?
You will need to be 18 or over when you commence your course as stated on the Letter of Offer. You can still make an application to study at Menzies but you will need to meet the age requirements on your course starting date. Please contact Menzies if you need more information.

Q: If I cannot arrive on the start date, what should I do?
You should notify the Menzies immediately and complete the Deferral Form. We will make amendments to your enrolment and notify the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). If you do not contact Menzies, we will assume that you are not enrolling and cancel your Certificate of Enrolment (CoE). This will lead to your student visa being subject to cancellation.

Q: What support services are available at Menzies while I am studying?
For a full list of student support services that are available for Menzies students, please review the myMenzies section.

Q: What is the course attendance requirement at Menzies?
Attendance is very important to your studies. This is so that you can maximise your learning outcomes and for the teachers to help you with your studies and career.  The minimum requirement for course attendance is 80% as per National Code standards. Failure to maintain satisfactory attendance may result in the cancellation of your visa.

Q: How can I find out about my course timetable?
Your timetable will be given to you at your Orientation Date as stated in your Letter of Offer.

Q: Do I need Overseas Student Health Cover?
Yes. It is a student visa requirement that you have OSHC for the entire duration of your studies in Australia. Menzies can organise OSHC on your behalf as indicated on the Letter of Offer. You should also check the latest student visa requirements for the duration of OSHC. Please refer to

Q: Where can I find information about employment during my studies?
Please refer to the myMenzies section for further information about activities and clubs that you can join to help you settle into Australia.

Q: Can I defer the start of my course?
If you have valid reasons that you need to defer the start of your course, please contact Menzies and you will need to complete a Deferral Form.

Q: Where is the Main Office and Menzies Campuses?
Please see the Locations section.

Q: What do I need to bring on my Orientation Day?
Please bring along all documents as stated in your Letter of Offer such as your passport, visa copy, and previous academic transcripts.

For further information relating to any of the above questions, or others you may have, please contact Menzies directly or our education representatives.
For further information about living, studying and working in Melbourne, Australia, please download the Menzies International Student Handbook.

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