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Nursing Courses

The Diploma of Nursing qualification (HLT54115) encompasses the application of knowledge and skills required for registration as an Enrolled Nurse in Australia. The combination of core and elective units meets the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia requirements for registration as an Enrolled Nurse.

The Diploma of Nursing course is offered at Menzies Institute in Melbourne. It is a strategically designed combination of evidence-based theory, simulation and practical activities delivered by a combination of classroom, theory, laboratory and simulated practice and professional experience placements. The course also presents health and nursing in a way that will be of benefit to you and your chosen career.

The Menzies Institute Diploma of Nursing demonstrates that you have achieved a particular set of outcomes related to relevant workplace requirements. This involves the acquisition of individual units of competency that include skills, required knowledge and their application in a work environment.

Graduates of the Menzies Institute Diploma of Nursing course will be highly competent; have well developed critical thinking, communication and teamwork skills; are ethical in their behaviour and demonstrate an appreciation for the value of life and a commitment to serving the common good.

Professional Experience Placement is a compulsory component of the qualification and all students are required to complete 400 hours (10 weeks) of placement. Students must meet strict attendance and course progress requirements to be considered for professional placement.

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Careers in Nursing

Graduates of the Menzies Institute Diploma of Nursing in Melbourne will be able to seek and gain rewarding employment in a diverse range of nursing practices. This includes acute, sub-acute and aged care nursing, mental health care, palliative care, rehabilitation nursing – in hospitals, clinics, care centres – anywhere an Enrolled Nurse can provide their expertise.

Participation in this nursing course also provides an opportunity to undertake further tertiary studies such as the Advanced Diploma of Nursing, or to seek credits into a Bachelor program at University to graduate as a Registered Nurse. From there your career can unfold in many directions. You may be keen to undertake postgraduate studies in a specialty nursing practice or seek a role in education or other careers. The Menzies Institute Diploma of Nursing opens those career pathways. 
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About us

The Menzies Institute Simulation Centre for Healthcare Education (SCHE), situated in Melbourne CBD, is an innovative resource and service specifically developed to facilitate simulation-based healthcare education and research with the further goal of improving staff and patient safety.

Central to the SCHE experience is the use of patient simulation as a method of teaching and learning. This allows participants of our nursing courses to be immersed in a realistic, safe environment using interactive, problem-based, experiential scenarios where the opportunity to learn, rehearse, perfect and reflect on their individual and collective knowledge and skills is encouraged.

Using state-of-the art teaching and learning resources, a wide range of simulation technologies and a blended learning methodology through computer-drive patient manikins, the SCHE provides a host of training and professional development opportunities for all healthcare disciplines.