Certificate III in Dental Laboratory Assisting


Certificate III in Dental Laboratory Assisting course at Menzies Institute of Technology provide knowledge and skills needed to work in the dental laboratory and assisting dental technicians.

Dental Laboratory Assistants work in dental laboratories and receive jobs from dentists at dental clinics. The course will teach you on how to pour impressions and make study models, produce custom-made trays and registration rims, articulating models for a range of prostheses, and constructing mouthguards.

You can study this course together with Certificate III in Dental Assisting to be an all-rounded Dental Assistant and Dental Lab Technician. This will provide you with more skills and ability to do laboratory work. This would be a great advantage over other dental assistants!

The training provided at Menzies is predominately hands-on and provides you with the skills and knowledge required by the modern Dental Laboratory Assistant. Students do not necessarily need to be employed at the Dental Clinic/Hospital to be able to undertake this course.

All of the training and practical demonstrations are held at the dental clinic facilities at the Menzies Institute of Technology.

Practical and Hands-On Learning
Menzies provides excellent practical training facilities for all students to practice their skills and to learn with Hands-On experience. Practical and Hands-On Learning is an important component of course syllabus at Menzies and students will be given plenty of opportunities to practice and to perfect their skills.
Make an appointment with us today for an extensive campus tour of the excellent practical training facilities and also to see the classes in action and feel the learning environment.


National Code Study Duration Career Opportunity Entrance Requirement
HLT35115 330 hours
(15 weeks including holidays/term break)

Face to Face Class Days:
2 days per week compulsory attendance

Self study expectation:
4 to 8 hours per week
Dental Laboratory Assistant

Dental Technician Assistant
- Completion of Year 10

– Satisfactory proficiency in Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

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Active (Hands-on) and Continuous (Full time) learning together will enhance your understanding to a greater extent than when you study online and irregularly in small amounts.


  • Get into the workforce FASTER and start earning FASTER.


  • In a constant learning frame of mind so less likely to forget information.


  • Easier to lose focus on one task when studying part time as you are undertaking multiple activities at the same time.


  • Physically engaged and alert of the materials that you are learning.



If you have substantial experience in this industry but do not have the time to go through a formal training program and would like to get a Nationally Recognised Certificate, please contact us on
1300 244 002 or info@menzies.vic.edu.au to see what RPL options are available for you.

The duration and the costs of an RPL procedure will depend on your level of expertise and the amount of gap training required.


Indicative Fees for Government Subsidised Training
The tuition fees below are only for students who meet the eligibility criteria for Government Funding. Click here to check whether you would be eligible for Government Funding.

SS & Amenities Fee Materials Fee Indicative Tuition Fee Total

Payment Plan

Min Deposit Remaining payment
WC $75 $500 $300 $875 $375 $250
(2 payments)
WO $75 $500 $1,500 $2,075 $875 $600
(2 payments)
The student tuition fee is indicative only and subject to change given individual circumstance at enrolment
WC: With Concession Entitlement(Health care card, Pension card, Disability card holders)

WO: Without Concession

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Domestic Full Fee
The tuition fees below are for students who do not meet the eligibility criteria for Government Funding

Payment Plan Option Enrolment Fee Material Fee Tuition Fee Total Payment Plan Amount
1. Semester Payment $150 $500 $4,500 $5,150 1st: $5,150
2. Quarterly Payment $150 $500 $4,800 $5,450 1st: $3,050
2nd: $2,400
3. Monthly Payment $150 $500 $5,100 $5,750 1st: $2,350
2 Payments: $1,700
NOTE: Discounts apply for full payments upfront.

Option 1 is a payment schedule with installments every 6 months for the duration of course

Option 2 is a payment schedule with installments every 3 months for the duration of course

Option 3 is a payment schedule with installments every 1 month for the duration of course

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– Simply complete the Online Application steps following the link and attach all relevant documentation as prompted.

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