How to Apply

Applying for your course at Menzies is an easy process. Below is a simple diagram of how you can make an application

Action By Prospective Student Action by Menzies Admissions Team Additional Information
Step 1:Complete and submit the Application FormFollow the simple steps on the Online Application and attach relevant certified documentation.



Download the Application Form and complete the details. Then scan and email the Application Form with the relevant certified documentation to

  *Certified documents required: – Evidence of English Proficiency (IELTS)- Copies of Academic Documents (up to Year 12)


– Copy of passport (information page and visa page if applicable)

  Step 2: Application assessed.We will contact you if there is additional documentation required.



Step 3: Issue Letter of Offer (LOO)and International Student Acceptance Agreement form. Students from AL 3&4 countries required to undergo preliminary visa assessment (PVA). Please refer to
Step 4: Ensure all conditions (if any) on Letter of Offer (LOO) have been met.    
Step 5:To accept your offer and apply for electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE), you will need to:1. Send the signed copy of International Student Acceptance Agreement form to


2. Make your first payment as stated on Letter of Offer (LOO) via electronic remittance, credit card or bank deposit.

Details on payment method
  Step 6: Confirm receipt of payment  
Step 7: Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) issued.  
Step 8: Apply for your Student Visa   Please refer to on how to apply for your Student Visa.
Step 9: Make travel arrangements. Students must attend Orientation Day as stated on Letter of Offer (LOO) Documents to bring on Orientation Day: – eCOE- Letter of Offer


– Passport with visa

– Originals of application documents