HLT37215 Certificate III in Pathology Collection course at Menzies Institute of Technology provides pathology accredited training in areas that include pathology collection techniques, phlebotomy, infection control, ECG, customer service, work organisation and medical terminology.

Pathology Collection is a wonderful career with many options for advancement and qualified Pathology Collectors are highly sought after in both public and private pathology collection environments.

The training provided at Menzies Institute of Technology is a mixture of classroom sessions and interactive practical sessions to provide you with as much skills and knowledge required in the current industry.

The main focus of training provided at Menzies Institute of Technology is to be practical and hands-on. There is important theoretical knowledge and communication skills knowledge required as well and to be able to take classes on campus allows you to make new friends in the course and build a good relationship with our teachers.

Professional Work Placement is provided to all students that satisfactorily meet attendance and course requirements. This is an important component to put all your skills and knowledge into real life practice.